Ken Gemmill

Ken Gemmill


Deadlift: 405
Sub 26 minute 5k
New to running Half Marathons


CrossFit level 1 cert

About Coach

I was a high level swimmer for about 10 years. Achieving some great times, mile swims and some serious endurance! Practices would be hours long before and after school. <br /> <br /> After getting into weightlifting and functional fitness, I then found myself running and recently completed my first half marathon with another one planned soon.

Turning Point

Food is my enemy. I have always had an unhealthy relationship with it. Once I reached my heaviest during the pandemic of 240, I decided there needed to be change. That brought me to NCFit and I haven’t looked back. It’s still a struggle for me but that struggle is met by accountability and hard work in the gym.

Motivation & Passion

My purpose is to bring motivation to beginners and show them joining a new gym is as scary as it may seem. I have been in their shoes and I know it can seem daunting to get started!

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